Visit Beautiful Nova Scotia in 2014

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We named The Tidnish Pearl (built circa 1893) after Pearl Atkins. Pearl owned the house for over thirty years, from sometime in the 1950s to the 1980s. Her parents and family owned it before that. We are the third owners since Pearl Atkins.

Pearl was an author and historian. She honored many people and places in her lifetime. We are happy to have the opportunity to enjoy Pearl’s “big ol’ house” and to remember her works in the process.

There are condensed versions of Pearl’s published articles in the back of the guest book (in the house).

The Tidnish Pearl was once a boarding house for The Ship Railway workers.

At that time, in the late 1800s, the house had five small bedrooms – instead of the three large ones it has now. Where the garage is currently located, was once the local blacksmith shop.


Tidnish Docks Provincial Park… (5 min drive – turn left on Tyndal Road. The park is on your left).

A picnic ground and exploration beach…this is the beach mentioned on our website, where you can walk way out to see the seals when the tide is low. A good beach for clam digging (locals prefer clamming in the spring time). If you are interested in clamming…call handyman Piercy (his number is located at the beginning of the guest book) for advice on tides and the best places to go.

There are even better beaches for sunbathing and swimming, approximately twenty minutes down Tyndal Road.

Northport and Heather Beach

Northport and Heather Beach are popular family beaches with seasonal life guards.   Warmest waters north of the Carolina’s.


The Confederation Bridge is 20 to 30 min from the house…

“Anne of Green Gables” was the inspiration for painting the gabled bedroom, with the twin beds, green. We imagined this would be a great room for young siblings.

If you take a day trip to PEI, we hope you have good weather on your Anne day!

To quote Anne Shirley – “What a splendid day! I pity people who aren’t born yet for missing it! They may have good days of course, but they can never have this one.”

The Ship Railway

This walking trail is lovely and it spans four kilometers (approximately five miles). You will not see a ship or a railway! Some of the trail may be a little rough but most of it is has been cleared. It is classified as an easy to moderate hike and takes 2-3 hours if you are stopping for photos. We recommend taking bug spray. As with any hiking excursion, please let someone know when you are going and good idea to take a cell phone.


The art gallery at the Tidnish Bridge is run by several women who are also the artists.


If you cross the Tidnish Bridge and take the first right, this is Tidnish Road and leads New Brunswick.

The border is a mere block or so up the road. You could get on the bikes (two bikes are provided for you in the garage), ride over, come right back and tell all your friends that you rode all the way from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick!

“Without word of a lie.”

If you are interested in antiques, there is a great antique store and museum, a little over an hour away in Stoney Creek, NB – en-route to Fundy Park. It is called Angel Mist Treasures. Proprietor, Denise, is very friendly and knowledgeable.


The little Restaurant on the River, next to the gallery is almost always busy. We have only tried it once…very friendly staff.

Gourmet Dining by the sea at The Amherst Shore Country Inn (not in Amherst) (Nova Scotia is apparently the land of misnomers.) Telephone: (902)-661-4800

The Sandpiper …is a popular place for casual dining….Port Howe. Left on Tyndal Road, go for approximately 25 min. – cross Northport Bridge, you will see The Sandpiper on your right.



This park is an hour and a half to two hours away. Awesome rafting for adventurous folk who like red mud!

Fishing, Bird Watching, NS

Bird Watching Trails

If you continue on the aforementioned Tidnish Road and pass the winery, you will eventually get to Port Elgin, New Brunswick, (5 miles or so) there you will find official bird sanctuaries with walking trails. There are nice bike riding locations in Port Elgin as well. You may want to check it out by car first.

Port Elgin has a small grocery store, a gas station, ATM, and a couple of casual restaurants. We haven’t tried the restaurants yet and look forward to doing so. If you make it there before we do, please let us know what you think!

Sales taxes are a little lower in New Brunswick!

Chases Lobster -Port Howe (seasonal)

Great place to buy fresh or cooked lobster to eat back at “The Pearl” or take to the beach! Mussels and clams too!

Turn left on Tyndall Road drive for approximately 30 minutes. You will drive past Northport and Heather beaches en-route to Port Howe, with Pugwash being slightly beyond. You will see Chases on your left and a convenience store on your right.

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs World Heritage Site (Seasonal) (about 30 minutes away). Route 302 from Amherst, and then route 242 at Maccan to Joggins.

*As a courtesy to their house guests/clients, the proprietors of The Tidnish Pearl and their

representatives – are offering this casual information re local attractions and are not liable for any loss, injury, or disappointment that may occur at said attractions.

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