Tanglewood Beach Town – Parksville

“The last weekend I and my boyfriend had the pleasure to visit one of the gorgeous rentals of the Tanglewood Beach Town Homes at Parksville BC for a weekend trip. “

Our tip started in Victoria and normally would take about 2 hours to get to Parksville BC. Nevertheless, we decided to stop for breakfast at a sweet family restaurant in Duncan named The Doghouse Restaurant. It is absolutely recommend having a quick stop there if you’re hungry and craving for delicious, housemade cooking just like our Grandmas used to do… Happy and full we continued our drive to Parksville. When we arrived at the Tanglewood Beach Town and entered our new weekend home we were stunned by the view at the ocean. Not only the view was impressing but also the whole lovely arranged apartment. We both fall in love immediately and decided to come again just after staying there for 5 minutes. It is an amazing place to stay and relax and offers everything you need. It is a nice decorated home with two bedrooms and bathrooms, a fantastic huge kitchen and a comfortable living room with a flat screen and a fireplace which we both enjoyed hanging out in the evening.

Since we were on vacation for this weekend and we both didn’t want to cook by ourselves, we decided to head out looking for a nice restaurant to have dinner. We found a lovely place named Sushi Ichi right next to our place. Unfortunately, it was already booked out and we had to take our sushi out, which wasn’t too bad at the end as we were able to enjoy our home any longer in this way.

The next morning after waking up with the sun and the impressing view at the ocean, my boyfriend surprised me with an awesome breakfast that we had at the patio to keep on enjoying the morning sun and the ocean view.
Even though the weather started to change and it was getting a bit chilly, we decided to go for a walk at the beach. Parksville has a beautiful beach and depending on the tide, it goes for miles that make it fun to walk there for hours. Sadly, we had to leave early afternoon on Sunday, so there were no time left for us to visit the beautiful Tigh-Na-Mara Spa which is very close to the homes, too. However, as we decided to come back this is definitely what we are going to do the next time while staying in one of the beautiful Tanglewood Beach Town Homes.

Finally after staying at Parksville I need to say it was a way too short but absolutely beautiful.

We both enjoyed every minute and it was a nice and fun change of our usual weekends. Like mentioned before, we definitely want to come back there soon and hopefully be able to stay a bit longer to enjoy the plenty of attractions and activities that Parksville and the area around offers. It’s a great place for everyone!

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