Create Holiday Magic with Life’s the Beach Vacation Rentals!


Purchase a $100.00 or more Gift Certificate to give to family or friends for any of our Amazing Vacation Homes and receive a FREE $20.00 Gift Certificate for yourself. Plus we will donate $5.00 for every Gift Certificate Purchased to Saving Sea Stars and Sea Turtles!

Stay with Life’s the Beach! Everyone deserve to experience a luxury Accommodation near the most amazing beaches in Parksville and Qualicum Beach BC! Treat your FAMILY and FRIENDS to a vacation home with Life’s the Beach. Make them feel fabulous and honour their love. The beach is gorgeous any time of the year. Come enjoy some quality time in an amazing vacation home and make some new memories! Offer valid until December 24, 2015. New Gift Certificate Purchase only! Rates on Vacation Rentals are subject to change, so book early for the best availability of homes and best rates!

To purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES please call 1.855.492.5433 or VISIT OUR WEB SITE TO BOOK YOUR VACATION HOME  @ Life’s the!  

2 thoughts on “Create Holiday Magic with Life’s the Beach Vacation Rentals!

  1. Cool deal! I hope you will offer that promo on the next holiday. i like the idea on how you also helping save sea stars and sea turtles.

  2. Stumbled upon this article and must say it’s a nice and funny read, especially for me, beach vacation lover. You may check my blog, have just started it but you inspire me to develop and make it better.

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