Eco – Friendly Travel Accessories

Suitable for everyone whether you’re a thrill seeker, adventurer, pilgrim, or just want to relax at the beach.

Ever wandered and wondered what would happen when you mix solar cells and a bag together? Well the people at Sunnybag wanted to find out, hence the name Sunnybag.


Solar Charging BackPack for all USB devices and lap top

Order your Sunny backpack today by clicking on the image!

The Sunnybag is equipped with the worlds strongest solar cells, it will charge your smartphone, tablet or even notebook, all powered by our sun. With 20 liters volume and 12 pockets inside, the people of Sunnybag made sure that you won’t have any shortcomings, another cool feature is that they have a hidden outside pocket that allows you to charge your smartphone with a USB cable, or even wirelessly!

Besides having a very slick design, the people at Sunnybag have created something truly astounding. The only downside I think people will have is the price, the price for a Solar Backpack is $190

But you’ll get a quality product with lots of cool and innovative features and you help the environment with this Eco-Friendly bag.


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