Lifes the Beach Vacation - Design Four U Consulting

Bio: Born and raised in Canada. My family is from British Tortola; BVI and Florida, USA. Spending a childhood exploring beaches and traveling by boat, plane, train and car to many areas in the Caribbean, United States and Canada gave me an international mind set from a very early age. My love of nature, the ocean and travel brought me into the tourism industry, Over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry in sales and marketing management, travel, trade shows - online sales and packaging. I started Life's the Beach Vacation Company in 2004, and now looking to help other vacation business owners achieve balance in managing their business. The Pacific Northwest is very special to me. Swimmable ocean and lakes and remaining temperate rain forests, clean water 1000-year-old trees and vast spaces, all of them sheltered and safe. Currently, I’m looking to share my passion and expertise to combine vacation tourism with environment sustainability to share our knowledge and expertise in building with sustainable green technology and Environmental Tourism. Life’s the Beach has, over the past years, been in contact with colleagues from Canada, the United States, and South America to create a consulting-venture which will allow our collective know-how to make dreams a reality.

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